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New Line Launch! Check Out the Latest Scarves and Handbags

Mark Schwartz

Are you ready for the latest high heel craze of 2016? This February High Heeled Art By Mark Schwartz is launching an entirely new line of fashion accessories. Featuring Schwartz's most recent (and highly appraised) artwork, you can gain access to these high-end pieces – all available on our website!  
With throwbacks to Andy Warhol and Roger Vivier (two of Schwartz's mentors and style influences), you can polish your look with High Heeled Art by Mark Schwartz's latest and greatest, including colorful fringe, beautiful on-the-go storage, and comfortable, luxurious leather. Schwartz brings his unmatched creativity into every piece, allowing for outfit finishes that are full of personality and abstract flare. Not to mention his signature women's shoe patterns – yes they're back, and ready to take on 2016 one high-heeled outfit at a time.  
Why shoes? Aside from being the finishing point to every outfit, Schwartz believes they're "The most artistic and important accessory in a woman's wardrobe." His love for each and every strappy sandal shines through with this incredible collection. 
Some of our favorites include: 

This Blur scarf – colorful, playful, and fashion-forward, this is the ideal piece of fabric to bring an outfit together. It's bursting with Schwartz's classic art-deco feel and full of statement stiletto heel images. Combine this classic design with your next outfit for a statement accessory that will make your entire outfit pop.

Three Shoes Tote – show the world you're pattern savvy with this stylish accessory. It hosts a subdued, beautiful high heel design, and comes on top of a leather bag that's as functional as it is luxurious. Perfect for the everyday fashionista who's looking to top off their look, but also needs a place to keep their belongings.

See the Line Up-Close and In-Person

For an up-close look at the new line from High Heeled Art by Mark Schwartz, head to the Sole Commerce Show from February 22nd through the 24th.  
Also making its debut at Sole Commerce is the company's new shoe line for fall/winter 2016. You won't want to miss this event. Register or start browsing online today.