High Heeled Art - High Heeled Art - Art Deco Shoe Paintings

Extraordinary shoe design and art work.


Mark Schwartz

Schwartz started his career back in the late 1980’s working with famed shoe designer Roger Vivier, going on to design for some of the biggest names in the industry, and continuing today to create private collections for clients looking for something truly unique (Oprah, Madonna, Katie Couric, Sharon Stone, Lady Gaga and Julia Roberts to name a few).

Having started his career in Parabiago, Italy, 35 years ago, Schwartz still works and resides there as a partner in a factory with two other Italian shoemakers. Schwartz, a protégé of Andy Worhol, has also been creating unique and sought after paintings, exploring the intimate relationship between women and their shoes.

The new collection consists of both high and medium heels, including boots, booties, pumps and sandals, all approached with a bit of whimsy and a classic twist.

“Shoes provide the foundation for the image that a woman wants to broadcast to the world. Every woman can change that message every day or more if she chooses. Shoes are an extension of a woman’s mood, and should be observed and documented accordingly.”

- Mark Schwartz