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Mark Schwartz

Mark Schwartz is a Tampa shoe designer and artist who has seen his shoe designs grace models in Paris, New York, and Milan runways. He has worked in the fashion industry for over 30 years, starting his career under the wing of the legendary Roger Vivier. He is now the partner of a successful shoe manufacturer near Milan. Schwartz found success early on in his career by sticking to the following tips from veteran fashion insiders:

  • Start at the bottom. Mark Schwartz began his career before moving to Tampa as an intern for Roger Vivier. His first position was unpaid, but he loved working with the shoe design master and learned invaluable skills and lessons that helped him succeed in the industry afterward. For newcomers to the fashion industry, Schwartz urges them to start as an assistant or intern and work their way up.
  • Explore your options. There are many different ways to work in the fashion industry. As you start perusing your options, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. You won’t love everything about your job in the fashion industry, but at least you’ll learn from the experience.
  • Be prepared to work. Loving fashion and design is not the same as wanting to work in fashion. Making it in this industry requires working long hours and going the extra mile every day. Mark Schwartz has worked tirelessly in Tampa for over 30 years.

Mark Schwartz has enjoyed a successful career in fashion from his Tampa home.