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Extraordinary shoe design and art work.


Mark Schwartz

In 1998 I received a telephone call from a representative of Natasha Richardson asking if it would be ok for Ms.Richardson to call me later that day and discuss shoes for her broadway show Cabaret. 
Within a few hours, my cell phone rang and it was Natasha.
I have worked with quite a few celebrities in the past. Natasha was unique. She had a way about her in building relationships.  She spoke directly to me on the phone as if we had known each other for years . 

As we carried on a good conversation, Natasha Richardson described a shoe design she had seen in a recent magazine photo.  By the end of the call, she had asked me if I would be able to provide her with several pairs in size 9 for her show. 
Saying no to her was not an option. She was so persuasive on the phone so of course I had agreed under one condition. I wanted to be able to drop the shoes off personally to meet and greet her formally.

She agreed!  The next day I made my way over to the theatre with 3 pairs of assorted colors of the rhinestone sandal she loved.
I was escorted to a dressing area towards the back of the theater. The door opened  to reveal Natasha with a wide smile and her hand extended. 
The first thing she said was THANK YOU in a way that I knew she was pleased as I handed her the bag of shoes.  We took them out, she slipped them on. She revealed her satisfaction with a big smile of approval and glee. 
Of course we chatted about future shoes for her. She agreed to call me when in need of a design. She did from time to time over the years before her untimely death.