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Extraordinary shoe design and art work.


Mark Schwartz

MARK SCHWARTZ FREELANCE DESIGN SERVICES . With an office in the Pisa area of Italy and some of the worlds best factories , I am able to  design and develop samples ( into production ) 

35 years of creativity in shoe design and production .

- Find the right shoe factory for production based on the product to be developed.

- Source and develop components and raw materials

- Coordinate and supervise fittings and adjustments to samples, sign off samples, ensure fit  and quality is up to the agreed standard  that all samples arrive on time.

- Work within given budget for development of prototypes, sample collection, investment of moulds, leathers, accessories, etc.

- Pass technical specs and correct information to factories and follow development process

- Negotiate  prices, advise suppliers on target prices to arrive to recommended retail price.

- Ensure all samples arrive in time and to required standard.

- Facilitate and coordinate trips to visit suppliers

- Plan production with suppliers, communicate minimums, cancellations and adjustment to orders.

- Follow production, communicate any change and solve issues that may occur in the production line.