High Heeled Art - High Heeled Art - Art Deco Shoe Paintings

Extraordinary shoe design and art work.


Mark Schwartz

The artwork in this piece is deft and ethereal in its expression, perfect for people who understand the unique relationship between who we are and the things we hold dear. 

Let's call this the Holy Grail of shoes, a priceless object that cannot be replaced. See the way the woman's delicate hands reach out towards the red shoe? It was a lady's hands that first inspired me to create this piece as she held her shoe as if it were a chalice or jewel. To me, it represents how precious an object can be to us and the enormous impact it can have on our lives, something all of us can relate to. 

The shoe, the color of bright red lipstick, the tanned, slender hands and the painted fingernails represent the beauty of this woman, further emphasizing the beautiful feeling we encompass when we hold something precious to us.


my hands 2019 .jpg