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Extraordinary shoe design and art work.


Mark Schwartz

The imagination knows no boundaries and it can take you to places you would not have ever envisaged prior to the moment it pops out!

Introducing the Shoe Sprayer! Here I was having a little fun with my imagination and we have a spray can spraying out miniscule black shoes - not only are mini shoes flying out left, right and centre, the woman's hand emerges from the shoe itself. For me, this is metaphorical of a woman's strength and her ability to focus on many things at once, her gift of multi-tasking and the way she is able to take one idea (the can) and turn it into a multitude of things (the shoes). The hand represents power, the same power that all women possess.

She is wife, mother, friend and lover; the painting is a celebration of femininity on many levels. I feel particularly satisfied looking at this painting and I hope you do too!