High Heeled Art - High Heeled Art - Art Deco Shoe Paintings

Extraordinary shoe design and art work.


Mark Schwartz

This painting epitomizes the Holy Grail of shoes, a priceless piece that takes you to the realm of the ethereal, untouchable to mere mortals. To look upon it is to encompass immortality itself. Everyone needs their own Holy Grail to provide them with strength to see through each day, the wisdom to know the best path to take, and the passion to manifest this wisdom into reality.

Look at the painting – what do you see? Your own inner wisdom lurks within you, but sometimes it needs a little help finding its way into your consciousness. Let the painting guide you through the realm of the subconscious, weaving your way through the inner mysteries that dwell within; let this Holy Grail be the calling point of your own wisdom, especially when you feel lost, confused or anxious. This is, after all, the greatest power that art possesses – the ability to tap into the deepest, innermost parts of oneself and find the light within.


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