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Extraordinary shoe design and art work.


Mark Schwartz

With an eye for design, shoe designer and artist Mark Schwartz has transformed the way the world looks at shoes today...

Mark Schwartz is celebrating 35 years of designing shoes for some of the worlds biggest fashion houses ! Mark also has been painting his artistic versions of shoes since his first encounter with famed artist Andy Warhol. Mark was fortunate to know Andy the last few years of his life , Schwartz and Warhol met through a meeting by Marks then boss famed shoe designer Roger Vivier . Andy took a liking to Mark's whimsical approach to drawing and painting shoes and for months and years to come encouraged Schwartz to develop his paintings and style.

Over the years Mark's shoe paintings have been collected all over the world in both residential and corporate settings . Schwartz only sells his artwork on his website , all original works no prints or copies .

His pieces make for the most sought after of gifts not only just for shoe lovers but for serious art collectors as well .

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